Upcoming Classes and Events

Upcoming Classes and Events

The Writer's Circle

The First Tuesday Writer's Circle is a place where experienced and beginning writers meet, experiment, share work and discuss writing insights and spiritual growth.

We meet the first Tuesday of the Month at 7:15 pm. Group members take turns leading discussions, giving presentations and reading a bit of work. A ten minute writing exercise is part of the fun. Copies of work in progress can be passed out to be taken home for comments.

Literary Parties

The Word Shop's Literary Parties happen monthly, usually the Third Friday at 1:15. Every month we focus on a different theme.

You can see the 2010 - 2016 Literary Party list at http://companyofsaints.com/litparty

Be prepared to give a short commentary to those assembled on why they should read the book you brought. Yes, you are also welcome to just come and listen.

The Publishing Project

Five people from the First Tuesday Writers have now edited and published an anthology of work by Word Shop writers and artists. This is Terrible; The Writer's Lament by The Word Shop Writers at Work, has contributions from 22 writers and artists. W@W. The book sells for $12.99 

The editors are all accomplished speakers and are available to share with your group about our process -- the highs and lows -- and what we've learned as writers/publishers. Contact us through The Word Shop.

Lower Room Prayer

A seven week series on Personal Prayer will begin Tuesday, April 18 between 3:30 an 4:30 at The Word Shop. Participants will discuss a different avenue of prayer each week. 

Personal Prayer
Listening, Conversing, Being

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